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⇪ Free online novels ⪉ Kindle Ebook By Rachel Kadish ⪤ An Best Book of June 2017 I often have trouble staying engaged by literary novels starring characters separated by centuries But The Weight of Ink hooked me so deeply that at no point did I want to wiggle free of this story of two historians investigating 300 year old letters written in plague ridden London by a young Jewish woman with a white hot intellect and no acceptable outlet for it British history professor Helen Watt immediately recognizes the historical value of a bundle of rabbis letters and books discovered behind the wall of an old house, and she recruits American graduate student Aaron Levy to help her with translations Months from retirement, Helen hides her Parkinsons disease, while Aaron struggles with his Shakespeare focused thesis thats going nowhere fast and with Helens curmudgeonly ways But when Helen and Aaron realize that the rabbis letters were penned for him by a woman, not the typical male scribe, their historical significance skyrockets As Helen and Aarons investigation accelerates, author Rachel Kadish plunges the reader into the smoggy, socially circumscribed world of Ester Velasquez in 17th century London A Jewish woman living in a community that doesnt support thinking in females or speculation beyond the accepted dogma, Ester has survived much tragedy in her young life and now quietly but steadfastly refuses to be squashed further As plague stalks London, Ester finds ways to let her intellectual passion free despite pressures to marry and be domesticated in mind and soul Gorgeous writing that might, in isolation of the story, risk coming off as overwrought instead perfectly renders the strong emotions that run through Ester, Helen, and Aaron as they face down opponents and seize opportunities Kadish, with storytelling genius, mirrors events and eureka moments across the centuries, binding the characters to one another And an enormously satisfying ending wraps everything up while leaving enough rough edges to mimic the loose ends of real life Adrian Liang, The Book ReviewA USA Today Bestseller Winner of a National Jewish Book Award Winner of the Association of Jewish Libraries Jewish Fiction Award An Best Book of the Year One of Ms Magazines Bookmark Titles One of The Jewish Exponents 2017s Top Reads A gifted writer, astonishingly adept at nuance, narration, and the politics of passion.Toni Morrison Rachel Kadishs The Weight of Inkis like A.S Byatts Possession,but with seventeenth century JudaismA deeply moving novel.New Republic I gasped out loud Kadish has a mastery of language The Weight of Ink was so powerful and visceralIncredibleI havent been able to read a book since.Rose McGowan, New York Times Book Review Podcast Rachel Kadishs novel The Weight of Ink is my top Jewish feminist literary pick Kadishs novel weaves a web of connections between Ester Velasquez, a Portuguese Jewish female scribe and philosopher living in London in the 1660s, and Helen Watt, a present day aging historian whos trying to preserve Esters voice even as she revisits her own repressed romantic plot Both Ester and Helen are part of a long literary line of what writer Rebecca Goldstein has termed mind proud women.Lilith, 7 Jewish Feminist Highlights of 2017 So many historical novels play with the across worlds and centuries trope, but this one really delivers, tying characters and manuscripts together with deep assurance A book to get lost in this summer.Bethanne Patrick, LitHub A page turner.Kadish moves back and forth in time including an excursion to Israel in the 1950s with great skill.She knows how to generate suspense and sympathy for her large cast of characterspacked with fascinating detailsThe Weight of Ink belongs to its womenKadishs most impressive achievement, it seems to me, lies in getting readers to think that maybe, just maybe, a woman like Esther could have existed in the Jewish diaspora circa 1660.Jerusalem Post An amazing featA great literary and intellectual mysteryyou feel as if youre sifting through these letters yourselfa very immersive summer read.Megan Marshall, Authors on Authors for Radio Boston A superb and wonderfully imaginative reconstruction of the intellectual life of a Jewish woman in London during the time of the Great Plague.Times Higher Education An impressive achievementThe book offers a surprisingly taut and gripping storylineThe Weight of Inkhas the brains of a scholar, the drive of a sleuth, and the soul of a lover.Historical Novel Society Deeply satisfying to anyone who enjoyed Geraldine BrooksPeople of the Book The Weight of Ink is a historical epic that transports readers back to the days of Shakespeare, Spinoza and the Great Plague, uncovering some rich details of Jewish life in the 1600s along the way.Jewish World News Kadish knows how to create a propulsive plot peopled with distinctive characters The Weight of Ink has enough mysteries to keep readers turning pages, and a fair amount of thematic and intellectual heftRewarding.The Forward This astonishing third novel from Kadishintroduces readers to the 17th century Anglo Jewish world with not only excellent scholarship but also fine storytelling The riveting narrative and well honed characters will earn a place in readers hearts.Library Journal, starred review Like A.S ByattsPossessionand Tom StoppardsArcadia, this emotionally rewarding novel follows present day academics trying to make sense of a mystery from the pastVivid and memorable.Publishers Weekly A mysterious collection of papers hidden in a historic London home sends two scholars of Jewish history on an unforgettable quest.Kadishs characters are memorable, and were treated to a host of them pious rabbis and ribald actors, socialites and troubled young men, Mossad agents and rule worshipping archivists From Shakespeares Dark Lady to Spinozas philosophical heresies, Kadish leaves no stone unturned in this moving historical epic Chock full of rich detail and literary intrigue.Kirkus Reviews Kadish positions two women born centuries apart yet united by a thirst for knowledge at the core of a richly textured, addictive novel stretching back and forth through time, from contemporary London to the late seventeenth century.Kadish has fashioned a suspenseful literary tale that serves as a compelling tribute to women across the centuries committed to living, breathing, and celebrating the life of the mind.Booklist The Weight of Ink hooked me so deeplyKadish, with storytelling genius, mirrors events and eureka moments across the centuries, binding the characters to one another And an enormously satisfying ending wraps everything up while leaving enough rough edges to mimic the loose ends of real life.Adrian Liang, The Book Review The Weight of Ink is the best kind of quest novelfull of suspense, surprises and characters we care passionately about How thrilling it is to watch the imperious Helen and the scholarly Aaron turn into brilliant literary detectives as they uncover the identity of a woman who lived than 300 years ago, and how thrilling it is to get to know that woman intimately in her own time A beautiful, intelligent and utterly absorbing novel.Margot Livesey, author of Mercury Rachel Kadish draws us deep inside the vivid, rarely seen world of 17th century Jewish London, conjuring the life and legacy of an extraordinary woman with an insatiable hunger for knowledge and education A vital testament to the importance of books and ideas,The Weight of Ink unfolds like a revelation.Kate Manning, author of My Notorious Life From its opening pages The Weight of Ink signals its reverence for words, both those from which the narrative is constructed and those which lie at the heart of its storyfor this a novel about the importance of words written and spoken, historical and contemporary, hidden away and brought to light Rachel Kadish has fashioned a literary mystery spanning centuries, continents and languages a mystery of great moral stakes and elemental human desires.Leah Hager Cohen, author of No Book but the World The Weight of Inktells of the struggle and the triumph of a woman trying to do justice to the largeness of her intellect and ambition As audacious in its conception as it is brilliant in its execution.Rebecca Newberger Goldstein, author ofPlato at the Googleplex Why Philosophy Wont Go Away Rarely have I read a contemporary novel that so immersed me in its world and drew me so deeply into the lives of its characters Rachel Kadish is a brilliant story teller, with a mystery writers instinct for pacing and a willingness to take on the largest human questions The Weight of Ink is astonishing.Carol Gilligan, author of In a Different Voice The Weight of Ink

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  • 21 March 2016
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