‽ [PDF]- ∇ The Simplest Path to Wealth: Turn $50,000 into $3.3 Million ⁛ ePUB Author DidoSphere ₆

‽ [PDF]- ∇ The Simplest Path to Wealth: Turn $50,000 into $3.3 Million ⁛ ePUB Author DidoSphere ₆ If a stock market crash worries you, you must read this book UPDATE Includes information on how the new tax reform bill signed into law as The Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 TCJA Public Law 115 97 affects the investment strategy in this book On one of his shows in the early eighties, right after his usual, Welcome my friends, welcome to my world intro, Bruce Williams, a popular talk show host of that era went right into the news of the day I can remember as if it were yesterday, he said, In today s financial news, you can now buy a non callable 30 year T bond 30 year treasury bond with a guaranteed interest rate of 14.5% Imagine my friends, if you invest your 50,000 today you will have 2.5 million in 30 years You don t have to invest in anything else You don t have to buy gold, real estate or do anything fancy I did not follow the advice, not because I did not have the cash in fact my wife and I had close to 100,000 in the bank by that time but because, 1 30 years is such a long time and at that age retirement was the furthest thing from my mind, 2 the advice simply sounded too good to be true It sounded so incredible in its simplicity, it cannot possibly work, so I thought There must be a catch somewhere So I cast it off as satire or hyperbole from a talk show host always on the look out for ratings How wrong I was Imagine my friends, had I followed this sound advice from a talk show host, with little risk, my 100,000 would have grown to 5 million in 30 years I could have retired in my fifties, in pursuit of Marlin on my own 40 foot fishing boat off Cabo San Lucas Instead, I squandered a big chunk of my money pursuing riskier, exotic investments Though 14.5% treasuries are just now relics of bygone days along with The Wonder Years, Growing Pains and Happy Days, you can still turn 50,000 into 3.3 million by following the simple investment strategy in this book You will not make the same mistake I made. The Simplest Path to Wealth: Turn $50,000 into $3.3 Million

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  • The Simplest Path to Wealth: Turn $50,000 into $3.3 Million

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